Thursday, 30 May 2013

Facebook Hop..

I'm excited to be a part of the upcoming 'Summer Vacation' Facebook Hop on June 5th 2013! A whole bunch of talented designers will be participating in the hop, which offers oodles of freebie clip art giveaways to people who 'like' their Facebook pages. The idea is to follow the chain which directs you from one Facebook page to the next - so you get to discover lots of designers who all sell their clip art, and digital paper designs on Etsy.
I'm fairly new to the group so I'm looking forward to hopping through the Facebook trail myself to see what everyone is offering!
All of the freebies are on a 'Summer Vacation' theme and have been designed using a set palette, it will be really interesting to see how each designer puts their own spin on things.

The hop doesn't go live until 5th June so in the meantime if you are eager to see more of what I currently have to offer in my 'KCPrintables' Etsy store, click here. I'm adding more designs all the time!

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